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Use'd Boards

Hawaiian Pro Designs 6'6" 70's Single Fin               sold out

Kookbox 8'6" Diamond tail mini             sold out

6'2" Morning of the earth Surf Board Single Fin  (sold)

C,Christenson    6'6"Beausoleil                  sold

Kookbox 9'5" ALAWAI             sold out

Joel Tudor Surf Board  6'2" Rabbit     (sold)

9'6" JT D-Tail Papa Joe            (sold)

Kookbox 6'6" KIMURA (フィン付)   (sold out)

Kookbox 8'4" Mini Pig              ¥150,000-(in tax)

Hobie 9'2" One Fin Pin     (sold out)

C,Christenson 7'2" C-Bucket             sold out

KI Surf board 6'6" Big Fish                sold out

5'8" Ocean Racer                             sold out

6'6" Channel Island Single Fin sold out

6'4" Use'd Hobie "Deadly Flying Glove" sold out

6'2" Board Works Hynson Twinzer(sold out)

9'2" Use'd JT Diamond-T ( sold out)

Use'd C,Christenson 9'2" West Side    Sold Out

JT Surf Boards 9'4" Classic Square (sold out)

Use'd 気 Surf Board 9'5" (sold out)

                                       Down Rail Nose rider  ¥120,000-(in tax)

Use'd Kookbox 9'5"Moon Tail (sold out)

            Shaped by Wayne Rich  ¥150,000-(in tax)  

Use'd HPD 5'8" Glass Slipper

Use'd 9'2" Dewey Webber(sold out)

Cooper Fish 8' Speed Hull (Sold out)

Surf Boards By Joel Tudor 9'2" Classic Pin (Sold Out)